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Why September Smells New


Now that kiddos are back to school, I’ve been reminiscing about my favorite September things.

Besides the fact that I enjoyed going back to school (for the first two days), there was always something that made me love September.

And that was: NEW STUFF.

Allow me to list a few examples,

  • New clothes
  • New school supplies
  • New haircut
  • New teachers
  • New classes
  • New climate
  • New allergies
  • New opportunities to pretend I didn’t choose my seat to sit next to a pretty girl

But most important of all was… NEW TV SHOWS.

pander (verb): gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire, need, or habit).

I was sufficiently trained by Saturday Morning Cartoons, TGIF, and primetime reruns of Seinfeld to later pride myself in spotting a show that’d “make it” just by watching the trailer.

I clung at the chance to watch a show that crashed a plane of people onto an island and killed off main characters every couple of episodes. I beckoned my brothers to watch a comedy where the bizarre premise was to interview people who worked at a paper company. I fought with my friends to convince them that a show about a guy telling his kids how he met their mother was a tormentingly awesome idea.

Fall-time TV was the best.

As a token of my appreciation for the newness of September, I’m starting my own video channel. Season 1 kicks off with interviews of some fascinatingly ordinary people.

Stay tuned for episode 1, being released Monday, September 14 at 7:00 PM (EST).

See you Monday night.

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