My Brother Made a Kid cover

My Brother Made a Kid

I don’t get babies.

They all look the same with their pudgy, squishy arms and legs, and disproportionate skulls. Yet they drive people wild.

Since the rise of social media, I became aware of the supreme addiction people have for babies. Whenever someone pops out a baby, a hundred thousand photos of the kid are uploaded to Facebook.

I used to think, “Well, we’ve already seen a hundred thousand pudgy squish things a month ago, so people will probably ‘unfollow’ this friend for a while.” But no. Even more likes, shares, and comments explode my newsfeed.

Then I met my nephew.

Ben was the first of my brothers to have a baby. I can’t say my nephew Henri’s pudgy squishiness is much different than other babies, but my eyes did widen when I looked down to meet the tiny, breathing human fathered by someone I used to fight over pizza with.

Henri’s helping me understand babies.


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