South Korean International Student on Dating, School, and Kimchi

After graduating from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Brockport in 2013, I taught English to 67 freshmen for a 9-week summer semester at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) in Seoul, South Korea.

That’s where I met my student and friend Dahee. After completing the English program at HUFS, Dahee transferred to SUNY Brockport as an international student.

When she’s not visiting NYC, Las Vegas, and other hot spots around the globe, I have her teach me more about South Korean culture.

Watch as Dahee explains 14-hour school days, mandatory military duty, couples dressing alike, and other interesting topics about South Korea.

My Brother Made a Kid

I don’t get babies.

They all look the same with their pudgy, squishy arms and legs, and disproportionate skulls. Yet they drive people wild.

Since the rise of social media, I became aware of the supreme addiction people have for babies. Whenever someone pops out a baby, a hundred thousand photos of the kid are uploaded to Facebook.

I used to think, “Well, we’ve already seen a hundred thousand pudgy squish things a month ago, so people will probably ‘unfollow’ this friend for a while.” But no. Even more likes, shares, and comments explode my newsfeed.

Then I met my nephew.

Ben was the first of my brothers to have a baby. I can’t say my nephew Henri’s pudgy squishiness is much different than other babies, but my eyes did widen when I looked down to meet the tiny, breathing human fathered by someone I used to fight over pizza with.

Henri’s helping me understand babies.


Coffee Drinkers Are Weird

One of my earliest introductions to coffee was at a thruway rest stop during a family road trip.

Near the bathroom, I bumped into a lady who spilled coffee on top of my head. As scalding brown ooze dribbled down my skull, she muttered and scampered away.

Wriggling, I stood with eyes shut, jaw dropped, and fingers locked open. This liquid had forged an enemy.

Decades later, my oldest brother Joshua joined the coffee revolution that has scooped up the hearts of this nation with a mug.

As a barista for multiple businesses across the States, Josh helped me forgive coffee of its transgression. However, I still refuse to drink the stuff.

Coffee cannot be trusted.

Cool Boy Heroes and Sexist Female Villains

Ninja Turtles and Barbie.

Ever wonder why boy cartoons tend to star mutated heroes with a strange compulsion to fight? And why are many girl cartoons hosted by princess characters who are magically beautiful?

To be fair, there are many cartoons today working to inspire girls beyond appearances. However, despite accusations of sexism, it’s hard not to love those old cartoons. I just wonder where we got the idea to tell boys stories about fighting, and girls stories about beauty in the first place.

Was it instinct, or culture?

On this first episode of Chick VS Bro, please welcome my friend and coworker, Grace, who shares insight on what boy heroes look like to a girl, and her thoughts on the differences between male and female heroes.

A Road Rager’s Guide to Driving

This is Matt.

Matt is a law abiding Rochesterian, who (at the time of this recording) had just received a ticket for speeding while passing a fellow motorist.

As he struggles to cope with the penalty of his violation, Matt shares some off the cuff tips for drivers in the Rochester area.

If you, or “someone you know”, suffers from road rage, please seek help. Or share this video to spread awareness. Or speed past every slowpoke on the thruway until you’re bumper to bumper with another rager who’s foolish enough to challenge you on your roads.